tackle center wide 1tackle center widehatches and storage tangoTACKLE CENTERS & STORAGE

As avid boating enthusiasts at AcryliCo and with a passion for fishing, we are able to study first hand what works best when out at sea and design our tackle centers accordingly, incorporating details which not only improve the features of the units, but also add to the joy of the sport.

A complete tackle center must be able to contain the angler’s gear in an orderly and accessible fashion. Leaders, hooks and other tackle all have a precise place so access can be achieved even on a rough sea.

Similarly, our acrylic storage doors and drawers have T slot seals to guard against water intrusion and to prevent rattling.

There are endless opportunities on a boat for storage. With acrylics it is possible to make these parts, such as doors and drawer faces, blending well into an organized interior or cockpit.